Our Wait Room Posters -

Each month we distribute our newsletter to all clients. You can open each Liaison News in pdf format - to read online or to print a copy.

March 2014 - Announcing 'The Power of Pot' by Dr. John Craven
February 2014 - News about Prescription Painkiller Drug Problems
January 2014 - Gratitude Expressed by Our Clients
December 2013 - Relapse Prevention Tips for the Holiday Season
November 2013 - The Healing Art of The Abdominal Breath
October 2013 - News Articles, Celebrities in Recovery from Addiction
September 2013 - Eleven Years of Methadone Treatment at 528 Dundas
August 2013 - Methadone and Pregnancy, Celebrity Addictions
July 2013 - Stories of Client Recovery - from Clinic 528 in London, On
June 2013 - Information on Over-The-Counter and Herbal Remedies
May 2013 - An Overview of Medical Forms, Doc Letters and Notes
April 2013 - Common Medication that Can Cause Rebound Withdrawal
March 2013 - Online Resources for Clients of Methadone Treatment
February 2013 - How to Find What You Need on SupportNet
January 2013 - Facility and Program Upgrades at 528 Dundas Street
December 2012 - Seasonal Edition - Safe Carry Dose Strategy
November 2012 - How to Travel with Methadone Carry Dosages
October 2012 - Reprint of Various Media Articles about Addiction
September 2012 - Seasonal Changes in Energy and Mood, Phototherapy
August 2012 - Sleep, Sleep Cycles, Sleepers and Sleep Habits