Recovery Reminders or Risk Prevention - SupportNet Posters are designed for clarity of message and easy recall. At a standard size of 24 x 34 inches - they are ideal for use in client wait areas and counseling offices.

Mouse click on any of the images below - to see a larger display size image on your desktop. We're working on this page right now - Lot's more to come.

One of our first Recovery Posters.

For years - in the waiting

area of Ontario's largest

methadone treatment facility.

This one always gets noticed.

One of SupportNet's Risk

Education Posters -

Page 13 from our Hong Kong,

Heroin and Oxys Comic.

One of a pair - from our

Risk Education Poster series.

Or if you prefer -

Okay - Not one of ours -

But from a time when one in four

Chinese men were 'hooked' on opium

- and an inspiration for SupportNet's

Check out those chains -

Today we call these 'Addiction'

and 'Physical Dependence'

PainKiller T's Apparrel


SupportNet Recovery Poster

For Wait Rooms and

Counseling Offices

SupportNet Education Poster

The Monster of Addiction

from our first comic -

Get Hooked Now

Meg's Story Part I Now Online

Our first comic -

Now Online - Right Here on


One of John Sewell's

from a previous day -

when comics educated our youth

about the risks of opiate drugs.

The SupportNet

Twenty-Six Topics of Recovery

Now Online - to Read or Listen

This is the most popular

wait room poster - We always

catch somebody reading it.