Ask For Help and Give Thanks - from the Recovery Learning Series at SupportNet.ca - Resources for Your Recovery.

Recovery is learning to enjoy life - without the use of alcohol or drugs that alter mind or mood.

It is treatment for the condition of addiction - an approach to the challenges of life - and a path to personal growth.

Recovery requires us to learn - about the true nature of addiction.

It may be personalized - but it has its necessary Principles and its Ways.

The Principles of Recovery provide direction - to the choices that we face each day.

The Ways of Recovery provide us with tools - that help us to heal - and to enjoy life on life’s terms.

This Learning Seminar encourages us to Ask For Help and Give Thanks -

What you need to know - and how these ways can empower your recovery today.


Addiction leaves us in a struggle for control - feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

Anger - Resentment - Anxiety, Worry and Fear - the Compulsion to use.

These seem too forceful to be relieved - by simple words said within our mind.

But the experience of tradition suggests it is true.

It doesn’t matter to what or to whom we Ask For Help.

What seems to matter is that we take the time to ask.

Prayer reminds us that we are not in charge of everything.

It helps us to let go of what is beyond our control.

Prayer counteracts pride - encourages humility. And it helps us to heal from the past.

Prayer connects us - within our mind, body and spirit - and to the wisdom we often ignore.

And connection is healing that centers our self.

Prayer calls our mind back to this moment.

We don’t pray in the past or the future. It centers our mind right here.

Prayer may not put a new car in the driveway. But its healing messages will change us on the inside.

Prayer can help to relieve us of many disturbing states of mind.

It is a powerful way to impact on the things that happen inside of us.

Prayer does not relieve us of responsibility. It reminds us to do our part.

We are asking for help - do to what we need to do for our selves.

Prayer does make everything work out our way.

But when we ask for help in the things we do - we will often find reason to later give thanks.

Ask For Help

Ask for Help with things that you struggle with on the inside - worry, fear and despair.

Ask for Help in the morning - for relief from the compulsion to use.

Ask for Help with a life decision - before going to bed at night.

Leave the problem to a deeper wisdom. And listen to your heart the next morning.

The Serenity Prayer is a request for help - for acceptance - courage and wisdom.

Grant me Serenity - to Accept the things I cannot change - Courage to change the things that I can - and Wisdom to know the difference.

Take a break from a pressured day - and repeat the Serenity Prayer within your mind.

Worry plagues the mind of many people. It is a sick and useless habit of mind.

Ask for Help for relief from worry. Then do your part - and recite the Serenity Prayer - whenever you find your self beginning to worry.

Use prayer to break the habit of worry - and release your self from its relentless drain.

Ask for Help on behalf of the person with whom you are most angry.

Do so every night for two weeks.

It may not change them. But it will certainly change you.

Ask for Help to wake up at a regular time in the morning.

You will be surprised at how often this will work.

A simple prayer is a powerful way to place messages within our body.

Ask for Help to apply the Principles of Recovery - to the most difficult choices of the day.

This will make it harder to lie - when you know that you need to be honest.

And it is harder to run - when you have asked for help to stand firm.

Give Thanks for help received - when things go your way - when they work out for the best - and when they help you to learn.

Give Thanks when you feel relief from worry or fear - when you find the direction you had asked for - or when the strength that you need arrives.

Give Thanks for the gifts of your life.

A gratitude list is an antidote to low mood or self pity.

It opens our mind to all that we have to be grateful for.

In Summary

Ask for Help in the morning - and Give Thanks at night.

It simple tradition of recovery - with meaning and power far deeper than is often seen.

You have now reached the end of Ask For Help and Give Thanks.

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