Don't Run - from the Recovery Learning Series at SupportNet.ca - Resources for Your Recovery.

Recovery is learning to enjoy life - without the use of alcohol or drugs that alter mind or mood.

It is treatment for the condition of addiction - an approach to the challenges of life - and a path to personal growth.

Recovery requires us to learn - about the true nature of addiction.

It may be personalized - but it has its necessary Principles and its Ways.

The Principles of Recovery provide direction - to the choices that we face each day.

The Ways of Recovery provide us with tools - that help us to heal - and to enjoy life on life’s terms.

This Learning Seminar says that no matter what happens just - Don’t Run -

What you need to know to face Life on Life’s Terms - and to empower your recovery today.

In Addiction

The use of alcohol or drugs begins as a way to change feeling - to avoid unpleasant feelings and to manufacture others.

But as habit progresses to compulsion - addiction becomes a life on the run.

The pull to use and the tendency to run - are like two sides to the same coin.

Conflict - Fear - Stress - Responsibility - Anger or Disappointment.

Any of these may trigger the tendency to run - and the pull to use.

In Recovery

A great deal of recovery is about learning to face life - to resist the pull to use - and to deal with the feelings that come with standing firm.

Life on Life’s Terms - is a traditional recovery saying.

It is a simple way that says to face life as it is - and to let go of the many ways that we avoid, evade and run from the realities of our day.

It is by learning to deal with the issues of our life - that we retrieve the power that we have given over to fear - and that we grow in our recovery one step at a time.

Don’t Use - and Go to Meetings - is another traditional saying.

It is another way to say Don’t Run off - and do what you need to do to learn how to deal with what life brings your way.

Don’t Run

Each time that we avoid or run from something - we give power to that thing to control us.

The solution to this issue is always the same.

Just don’t - If there is nothing else that you can do today - just don’t use and don’t run.

Ask for help - Surround your self with others in recovery - Occupy your self with other activities - Exercise - Go to a meeting - Clean - Walk - Talk or Journal Write.

Just for Today - do whatever you need to do to not run from the realities of your life and recovery.

Don’t Run - out of habit.

The hectic, pressured pace of life in addiction is a habit of itself - an addiction to chaos.

Take a break - Go to a meeting - Sit - and Listen. Give your self opportunity - to see another way.

Don’t Run - from those who can help.

Talk with others in recovery from addiction - Talk with a counselor or doctor.

It doesn’t matter if you are ready to make changes today.

To isolate is to sink deeper in addiction. To connect opens a door to recovery.

Don’t Run - from the truth.

Secrecy - Lies - Justification - Minimization - Denial.

These are all ways distance our self from the truth that we know in our heart.

Let go and listen - to the experience of others in recovery - and to the wisdom inside you.

Don’t Run - from feeling.

Talk - Journal write - Ask for help - Listen, learn - and remember This Too Shall Pass.

Learn the ways to care for, calm and express your self. Ground your self right now.

Remember that they are just feelings. Learn to face feeling - and recover.

Don’t Run - from your program.

Your Personal Program of Recovery is a foundation for your health.

Follow your program when things are going well - follow it on days when life is difficult - or when there seems too much to do.

Put your program first - and make it a part of your daily routine.

Don’t Run - out of shame.

Ask for help - Talk kindly to your self - Connect with those who can help - and Believe that you deserve a better life.

Shame is an indulgence in events of the past. Learn the ways to ground your self now - to stay in the day and to respect your self for your efforts today.

And finally - Don’t Run - from recovery.

Whatever happens - a mistake - relapse or anything else - don’t use it as an excuse to keep going.

Remember that recovery is a choice in every moment - and that today is the day to do what you need to do.

In Summary

The pull to use and the tendency to run - are like two sides to the same coin.

A great deal of recovery is about learning to face life - to resist the pull to use - and to deal with the feelings that come with standing firm.

If there is nothing else that you can do right now - just don’t use. Don’t run - stand firm - and grow in your recovery today.

You have now reached the end of Don’t Run.

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