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New - December 2010

82 full color pages

Meg's Story Part I

Available December 2010

SupportNet Publications

Designed to Educate -

Entertain - and Empower

Get Hooked! Now

Written by John Craven MD

Illustrationed by John Sewell

Hooked! - A Six Part

Graphic Novel Series

Meg's Story Part I Now Available.


Meg at Briarwood due

January 15, 2011

Our first, twenty-eight page comic

New in the spring of 2010

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Learn what you need to know -

to protect your self

your family and friends.

Do you know the story?

From opium to morphine

to heroin to oxys - then right into

your medicine cabinet.

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168 authoritative pages

by John Craven MD

Twenty six topics of addiction

recovery - in twenty six booklets.

All of the information

content of a residential addiction

treatment program.


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Each topic clearly explained -

straight forward - and to the point.

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Ambient Healing

The Importance of Mornings

How to Breathe

Understanding Habit

Anger Management

and much more!

Readers of all ages will

understand - and enjoy -

the SupportNet style.

Clearly written - with engaging

illustrations - and designed to

empower your learning.

Anger issues?

Trouble falling asleep?

Can't afford a therapist?


Did you know - that

can help you with these - and more?

Clear learning objectives

Meaningful explanations

Understandable definitions

Straight forward writing

Topical summaries

Notes Pages

All SupportNet Publications

written by John Craven MD

and Illustrated by John Sewell


Images to engage - to entertain -

and to anchor new learnings.

have been used - tested and refined

during years of clinical work

with addicted persons in recovery.

Designed for individual learning

or group discussion.

Over fourty topical booklets in total -

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And did we mention audio?

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audio format!

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