Located in London, Ontario - SupportNet Studios Inc. specializes in the publication of engaging resources for opiate drug risk prevention - addiction recovery and relapse prevention.

All SupportNet resources and publications are written by John Craven MD - Copyright SupportNet Studios Inc. - 2005 through 2012 inclusive. All rights reserved.

Our Recovery Learning Series and other materials have been market tested - rewritten and refined with the help of the hundreds of clients attending to Ontario`s largest independent methadone treatment facility - Clinic 528 in downtown London, Ontario. And best yet - all of our resources are freely available for you to see, read, listen and enjoy - right here on SupportNet.ca - Resources for Your Recovery.

You can use the menu links to the right - to learn a bit about our comic collaborator - Mr. John Sewell - also of London, Ontario. Watch the excellent London Free Press interview with John from the link on the right menu - Thanks again to Randy Richmond - for asking the right questions to the right guy.

Following upon the success of our first comic - Hong Kong, Heroin and Oxyx - we`ve been hard at work these last two years - and are now proud to offer our two new comics - freely available to read online from our left menu -

Meg`s Story Part I - from our new, six part graphic novel series - Hooked! Tales of Addiction - Sometimes Recovery - forty-two pages online now - you will have so much fun reading this - you won`t even realize that you are learning about the principles and ways of addiction recovery.

And An Illustrated Introduction to Meditation - our also all new - eighty-two page comic that guides you in the ways of walking, mantra and mindfulness meditation - because its time to get real here - wellness does not come in the shape of a pill.

We're polishing up Part II of our new Hooked! series right now - Meg at Briarwood is due mid April 2012. And then - later in the fall of this year - Russ Gets Hooked! - in parts three, four and five of our series. Check out some of the images that are right now on the editing table.