Addiction leaves us sick in body and mind - feeling unwell - demoralized and unable to see our way out.

To understand what is necessary to heal - it can help to know how things are supposed to work inside of our selves.


We use our mind to see, understand and relate to what occurs within and around us.

Our senses allow us to perceive. Imagination and thought help us to make sense of it. And memory allows that we need not start over again each day.

The more clearly that we see and understand the true nature of things - the better our mental health.

Poor mental health obstructs our ability to correctly see, understand and relate.

A restless mind sees only the surface of things.

Rational thought is consumed by repetitive worry and tiresome mental chatter.

We allow memories of the past to distort our view of today.

And we see others as we assume, need or want them to be - and not as they truly are.

Some problems of mental health are beyond ability for personal control.

But most result from unhealthy habits of mind - or lack of simple exercise.

And when we do not see or understand things correctly - we make mistakes in our actions.

Self Talk - Meditation - Prayer - Talking with and Listening to others - Journal Writing and Personal Inventory - are all ways to improve our mental health.

Let go of repetitive worry - and say the Serenity Prayer quietly within your mind.

Question the comments that pass through your head. Learn the ways to calm and to settle your mind.

The stuff on our mind has a great deal of influence - on the things that we do - on our body, health and life.

What we hold in our imagination is connected and tangled with the functions of our body.

We have choice over the state of our mind - and its powerful impact on our health and life.

Body and Feeling

Our body gives us life, movement and ability to interact with others and the world.

It allows us to speak our thoughts and to take action on our wishes.

And it is through our body that we experience feeling.

Mind, brain, body and feeling are tightly connected. Each are distinct and one in the same.

Change in one will change the other and neither can exist on their own.

Feelings are reactions to the events of our lives - the things that we do or say - and the stuff that we hold on our mind.

They are signals that arise from deep in our body - the lightness of joy or the flash of anger.

Sometimes a feeling is just a vague sensation - an intuition of what is right or wrong.

Such wisdom resonates from deeply within us. It connects us to all that can be known.

We cannot control our feelings - and there is really no need to do so. They are just feelings.

Look at the bright sky and feel the joy. Recall a time when you’ve been wronged - and feel the anger over again.

Feelings come and feelings pass - as fast as the mind or life can move.

The problem with feelings is not that they occur.

Our problem with feelings is in how we relate to them.

We judge feelings - chase after some and run from others.
We react with out thought - to strike out in anger or to run from our fear.

We allow our imagination to stir feelings of resentment, anxiety and fear - while other tricks of our mind hide other feelings entirely from our sight.

Our problem with feelings is that we ignore, over react or hold to feelings that take on great power in our lives.

And in doing so - we allow feelings to control our lives and to wear on our bodies.

Feelings are just signals - that may be accurate or not. They result from events real or imagined.

Notice them. Question them. Consider their meaning - and your best response.

Allow feelings to pass on - and to not take hold or control of your day.

And always remember that it is our actions that exert the greatest impact on our feelings.

Run from fear - and increase its grip on your life.

Face your fear - and feel the power of recovery work its way in your life.

Vital energy, spirit or the space between our thoughts - the observer left when all else is quiet.

Regardless what we call it - mindfulness of spirit provides a center to our experience of life.

We spend most of our time in the business of life - lost in the world of ego and desire.

Addiction is like a cancer of ego - disconnecting us from everything else.

It pulls us from what we most need - a connected sense of our self and others.

Instead of a nourishing center - we are alone on the edge of a deadened void - running as fast as we can.

Spiritual awakening is a moment cut through the cloud of tricks in our mind.

It is a moment of connected experience and clarity of truth.

And tradition has shown that spiritual awakening is the most immediate and potent antidote to the sick mental habits of addiction.

The Principles and Ways of Recovery provide direction to do things differently today.

And it is when we do things differently - contrary to the sick ways of addiction - that we allow opportunity for spiritual awakening to occur - one step at a time.

In Summary

Addiction leaves us sick in body and mind - feeling unwell - demoralized and unable to see our way out.

Understanding the ways that we are supposed to work inside - provides direction to the healing work of our day.