Eighty-Two Full Color Pages

How to Get Started in Active,

Mantra and Mindfulness Meditation.

New - from SupportNet Studios

Written by John Craven MD

Illustrated by John Sewell

For Personal Learning

or Group Discussion


Interested in Meditation?

Don't Know How to Get Started?

Looking for Relief from Stress?

Don't Want to Read a Textbook?

Is Just For You!

Self Calming - Stress Reduction

Concentration - Mental Clarity

Physiological Relaxation

Self Awareness & Personal Growth

All this - and much more - from

a few minutes each day spent

in quiet meditation.

Carry the benefits with you -

throughout your day.

Anxiety - Irritable Bowel - Chronic

Pain - Attention Deficit - Loss

of Personal Energy and

Addiction Recovery -

Can all benefit from meditation.