Some of us learn best by reading - others by listening.

The SupportNet Audio Player appears to the left side of the top menu bar - when you are on a page that will read to you in streaming audio - or that contains a related audio file for you to hear.

The Audio Player will work best with a high speed connection. Always make certain that your computer sound and audio speakers are turned on before using the Audio Player.

Use the Play, Pause and Stop buttons to hear a poem written and read by a young client at Clinic 528 in London, Ontario.

You will need to mouse click once - to activate the Audio Player. Then you may mouse click on the Play, Pause and Stop buttons as you want to listen to a file.

Use the Audio Player to listen to any of the SupportNet Learning Seminars. These include all topics within the Recovery Learning Series - the Health and Healing Series and the six part An Introduction to Meditation.

You may also use the Audio Player to hear the many stories of recovery that are available in the Clinic 528 and 461 sections - or to listen to SupportNet Radio.