SupportNet is a collection of educational resources aimed at those in trouble with an opiate drug.

It began with an effort to educate clients in my treatment office - about the mess that they had found themselves by using these drugs - a way to pull out of that mess - and how to not ever need to end up back there again.

Over the past ten years - SupportNet has grown into a place where client stories can be told - and where I can sort through some of my experience in working with opiate dependent clients on methadone treatment.

All SupportNet text by John Craven MD. Copyright SupportNet Studios Inc. 2002 through 2013.

SupportNet is an educational resource published on behalf of interested readers. It is not intended or to be used as a clinical guide to treatment. This web site, its contents and email address are entirely separate and distinct from Dr. Craven's clinical practice.

Questions and comments regarding published materials may be forwarded to Talkback@SupportNet.ca. This email address is not intended for use and / or monitored for any clinical purposes or questions.